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Narrabri Lateral Pipeline

Narrabri Lateral Pipeline

To connect the Narrabri Gas Project (NGP) to the HGP, Santos is finalising plans for the Narrabri Lateral Pipeline.

The proposed pipeline will provide the ‘missing link’ to allow for the transmission of natural gas to the existing NSW natural gas transmission network near Newcastle.

The project will extend for about 50-60 kilometres from the approved NGP gas processing facility at Leewood to the HGP east of Baan Baa. The final length of the pipeline will be dependent on the selection of the alignment. The pipeline will be primarily located underground, with associated aboveground infrastructure including isolation valves, meters, and regulators.

Santos is committed to minimising the impact on communities, landowners, and the environment. Santos has commenced consultation with directly affected landholders and councils representing the broader communities and encourages landholders to engage with us so that we can understand their feedback and insights about the project.

The project will require approval by the NSW Government.

Project facts

Km in length (approximate)

months expected for construction

TJs/day of Narrabri gas delivered to power the community

construction jobs expected

Length Approximately 50-60 km
Material Epoxy coated high strength steel
Size range Up to 550mm diameter
Depth Typically: 900mm (minimum 750mm)
Design Strictly in accordance with the latest version of Australia Standard (AS) AS2885 Pipelines Gas and Liquid Petroleum.
Easement Nominally 30m wide.