The Hunter Gas Pipeline will play a critical role in providing energy security for NSW into the future and will help to put downward pressure on gas and electricity prices for households, manufacturers and businesses. The project will also support electricity generation, with gas being required as coal-fired power stations close and to firm variable renewables such as wind and solar.

The Hunter Gas Pipeline Route

Santos is working to finalise the exact location of the pipeline and the permanent easement, taking into consideration potential constructability issues, landholder feedback and preferences, and environmental considerations.

Project timeline

Santos acquired the Hunter Gas Pipeline in August 2022.

Since 2020, Hunter Gas Pipeline has engaged with many of the landholders, local councils and state government agencies to finalise the current pipeline alignment within the 200m approved corridor.

News and information

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Update contact details

Directly affected landholders can update their preferred contact details using the web form available at the link below.